About Baramul Tech

About Baramul Tech

About Baramul Tech Australia and the primary producing farmer

Baramul Tech Australia started in early 2000s originating from Baramul Research that was started in the early 90s, Baramul Tech Australia proved the need for a reliable Quality Assurance in emu farming, Emu oil refining and producing the highest quality products. Baramul Tech Australia is the company that implemented the Quality Assurance that was required. Baramul Tech Australia now owns and operates an emu oil refinery, exporting Baramul Tech Australia Emu Oil all over the world.


These experiments were conducted over a 10 year period and have been supported with animal trials.

The most interesting part was when a finely tuned gas chromatograph and tandem mass spectrometer was used, the experiments completely characterised the emu oil and provide us with a unique insight.

  • Identification between emu subspecies.
  • Identification of only one subspecies suitable for arthritis treatment. (black emu geno type)
  • Identification of the right refining process.
  • Identification of Emu feeding diet.
  • Identification of biological peaks for arthritis and inflammation treatment.
  • Knowledge of other unidentified peaks that need further research.
  • Acknowlegment that Emu Oil is a powerful arthritis and inflammation treatment.


This research cost a great deal of time and money by Baramul as well as the researchers involved. This research went for over a decade and the outcome was used;

  • To make emu farmers aware to grow suitably Geno types
  • To make aware the need to streamline and establish quality assurance within this industry.
  • To allow the use of this research to register the emu oil as an active ingredient (medicine) for the treatment of arthritis and inflammation.
  • To create public awareness of Emu Oil

The good news is that this research created a great standard with regards to Emu oil quality assurance. This QA has taken 10 over years to develop, now there is a good quality Emu Oil product that consistently works well for treating arthritis and inflammation on the market today.

Our Company only uses the research proven black bird Emu geno type for the highest levels of biological activity for treatment of arthritis and inflammation, this is uniquely Australian.

This Emu Oil is produced by using the unique refining process used only by Baramultech Australia to ensure that the required biological activity remains.


Publications that are now in the public domain today that are aiding in supporting the quality of our Baramultech products.

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