Baramultech Emu Oil

Baramultech Emu Oil

Consistently works well for treating arthritis and inflammation

The indigenous people of Australia were the first users of emu oil

The word Baramul is the Loddon valley indigenous peoples word for Emu. The indigenous people of Australia discovered the super natural healing benefits of emu...
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About Baramul Tech

About Baramul Tech Australia and the primary producing farmer Baramul Tech Australia started in early 2000s originating from Baramul Research that was started in the...
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Baramul Tech Australia started in early 2000s originating from Baramul research that was started in the early 90s, BTA proved the need for QA in emu farming, Emu Oil refining and producing the highest quality products.

BTA (Baramultech Australia) is the company that implemented the QA that was required and now BTA owns and operates an Emu Oil refinery, exporting Emu Oil all over the world.

Welcome to Baramultech Australia

The first thing that we know is that indigenous people of Australia were the first users of emu oil and did so, for more than 40 thousand years and are still using the emu oil today.

With this in mind 20th century science proceeded and in the mid 1990s Baramul research began later (Baramul being the Loddon valley indigenous peoples word for Emu) . By using Independent dedicated scientists further research was conducted to support the indigenous people’s medical claims of emu oil.

Our Company only uses the research proven black bird Emu geno type for the highest levels of biological activity for treatment of arthritis and inflammation, this is uniquely Australian. This Emu Oil is produced by using the unique refining process used only by Baramultech Australia to ensure that the required biological activity remains. 

Using 20th century scientific testing methods, emu oil was found to be unique in its makeup, specifically high in omega 3,6,9 and antioxidant vitamin content (Meaning nutritious to eat).

 Emu oil is derived from emu fat which is accumulated In-between the skin and the meat similar to a whale. The fat is stored by the bird seasonally, which allows the emu to survive the harshest conditions on earth and in the winter enables the emu to reproduce.

 An emu can survive for months without food or water which is quite natural for the emu. Their fat is fully sustainable for the emu during these extreme conditions

Emu oil is a natural product made from the refined fat of the emu, a large flightless bird native to Australia. Rich in antioxidants like vitamin A and polyunsaturated fats, emu oil has long been used in aboriginal culture to heal wounds and treat common skin disorders.

Because of its pain killing effect, antioxidant levels, and ability to reach deep into the skin, emu oil can be applied to small wounds, cuts, bruises, or burns. It can help ease the pain of minor wounds, and the antioxidants may help protect the skin from additional damage.

Baramul Emu Oil consistently works well for treating arthritis and inflammation.

In addition to helping the skin tighten and look more youthful, emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce swelling on the skin as well as help to cure eczema and psoriasis. This is due to the fact that emu oil helps to stimulate skin cell regeneration and circulation.

Emu oil contains healthy antioxidants which have a potent anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce the inflammation present in arthritic joints. … This reduction in inflammation not only helps to relieve pain and stiffness, but can prevent further damage, preventing further scar tissue formation within the joints.